May 31

Seeing Beauty Surrounding Us

1458865418934Life is Colorful

Even in the midst of a busy day, we can take a moment to see the beauty that surrounds us if we will take time to look. Individually or together, life is displayed in many colors and many forms.

To be thankful for the gift of sight and insight is a great way to spend our time as we pass through this journey we call life.

May 30

Waiting too long?

20160122_133438Someday I Am Going To…

We are here for a limited time offer. We may find there are many things we desire to accomplish in our lifetime. Unfortunately, there are somethings that we may have waited too long to do, or can no longer  physically accomplish.

It is a good day to begin, work on, or complete things we have a passion to do in our lives. Spending a lot of time in regret, and reflecting on areas of the past where we failed, only robs us of the opportunity to be successful today.

Never being too late to start, even taking small steps, brings us to toward our new goals. Someday is not on the calendar. If we are thinking someday we are going to …?.. we will never arrive.  May we practice being aware of the present moment and make decisions to live while we are alive. Let us balance work with times of rest, and enjoy our abundant lives, for they truly are a gift to us.

May 28

Anniversaries – Good or Bad?


20160311_200131“Celebrating Simple Pleasures in Life”

A Day of Remembrance is one definition of the word anniversary. Are we compelled to celebrate a particular day out of duty or guilt? Are all anniversaries meant to be joyful, one that requires a special meal, a lovely card and perhaps beautiful flowers?

The fourth of July weekend is a special holiday, as well as an anniversary marking another year of  freedoms. Few might have the experience of someone asking them to get married on the fourth of July, where others may be told their lover wants a divorce. Do they celebrate the fourth the same way, perhaps with fireworks as well, or do they suffer the anniversary of their loss all alone in a quiet place?

Losing a job or gaining new employment are significant events in our lives. Do we celebrate the date we were set free from a job we might have despised? Do we embrace the negative thinking of ourselves as losers, failing to keep something even after we grew to hate it? How can we gain new employment without letting go of the old job? In the same way, how can we enjoy a new relationship if we are not willing to let go of a toxic destructive one?

Whatever choices we make over our lifetime, whatever decisions we face, they create days of remembrance; making an anniversary of some kind. Knowing life is not a dress rehearsal, lets enjoy all that is provided to live an abundant life. Knowing the choices we make, and the desires we embrace will  always have consequences; lets make good choices that will open doors to help us celebrate life freely. By genuinely creating new memories they too may become another positive anniversary in the future.

May 27

What Stands Between You and Your Dreams?

20160124_134303What Does This Mean, Protection or Freedom?

There will never be another now…I will make the most of today.

There will never be another me…I’ll make the most of myself.  (Author unknown)

A sobering thought comes with the knowledge that there is no one else who can actually do this for you. Is it true we have to wait for the perfect time before we can experience our dreams? It is easy to fall into a pattern of faulty thinking that rob us of the ability to enjoy life. It is called the, “If – Then” thinking. If I lose twenty pounds then I can go buy myself new clothes. If I accomplish this task, then I can celebrate that… If I get a new job, then I will be happy. If I get married, then I’ll be fulfilled. If I get a divorce, then I can be free. The word ‘If’ always qualifies the ‘then’, therefore the then is never allowed to come into the now.

That is not to say we should not set goals and look forward to the rewards of fulfilling them. Yet if we embrace the “If – then thinking”, knowingly or unknowingly, we are hindering our ability to live and enjoy life where we are in the present, missing our unique and individual processing called life.

Looking at the fence above, we can see it is between the people on the bluff and the ocean below, knowing the fence was put there for our protection. This visual serves as a reminder. There also may be many physical or mental barriers (fences/walls) for protection, set up between us and our dreams. Are we sabotaging our ability to fulfill our passion and destiny? Just as the fence was put up to protect us from harm, have we put up our own emotional de-fences to protect our heart from harm?

It us good to know we can be free. Are we willing to climb over the fence to get to freedom? Are we willing to go around the fence if we have to so we can find another way to fulfill our passion? These are the questions each of us will have to answer at the end of the day. Are we ready to do so? Liberty awaits.

May 23

What is Reality Today?

20151201_094905What do you see? A glass table, with an awesome eagle underneath, wings spread to bear the weight of the Word, time and beauty.

A gift of flowers representing love, a Word of Knowledge to assist those who are desiring Wisdom, and the hour glass structuring the passing of time, all combined for those pursuing life more abundantly.

As we tap into the life forces available to those who desire truth, let us walk with integrity. We may enjoy the abundant life provided for us just for the asking. Seek and you shall find is one part of the process to help others. With growth in knowledge, we know what we needed to .

We truly need each other to share wisdom, knowledge and understanding. May we be willing to be open and share the goodness of the one greater other than ourselves who reads our hearts and direct our steps.

May 22

Are You On Solid Ground?

20160213_094720Stepping Out On Solid Ground?

Drawn to that which is dangerous, we can go out on a ledge. Nature has no mercy. It is a force that no man controls. Respecting that fact, we can enjoy its beauty and admire the majesty while staying at a safe distance.

It is wise to know our limitations and boundaries. Knowing we can be swept off our feet by that which is beautiful, perhaps even more powerful than we are, we must step back. What appears so stunning may also be a danger if the warning is not heeded.

We live in an amazing world, where life is filled with great adventures and challenging struggles. Just as ocean waves crash into the rocks or roll gently onto the beach, so it is with our emotions as we walk through life. Standing on the rock gives us a firm foundation, whereas shifting sands provide no security.

Choosing to experience each moment to the fullest, let us live while we are alive. By seeing what we can see, hearing what we can hear, and sharing what we can share, we are always taking a risk. Being vulnerable, authentic, and genuine may not be in a familiar comfort zone, yet it is in the best zone to be fully alive.






May 13

Piecing Life Together

20151216_110052Life May Be Puzzling

Diligently working on a quilt, carefully placing each piece, creates many opportunities to make this into a beautiful work of art. Choosing the materials, cutting each square, then strategically placing each one down creates an amazing design, ultimately finishing a one of a kind masterpiece .

This photo reveals one of many ways fabric can be put together. The artist/ creator of this quilt always has the final say. Shall it be a king size, as viewed in this picture, or shall it be cut down and made into lap quilts, thus creating several gifts for others? Whatever the final decision, action will be required to finish the work.

Just as the materials above must be put together like a puzzle, if not, they become another unfinished project. The key to this puzzle is knowing if we have all the pieces to put it together, or are we waiting for one more? Unfortunately there are times in life when we do not know the answers and things do not make sense. See the beauty that surrounds us, even in those puzzling times we call life.

May 12

Writing a new script in life

20160124_133700 Changes Like the Waves Are Never Ending

 When we experience change there is a certain feeling of disconnect. We can feel the sensation of being lost and not knowing what to do. There are times in life when things change drastically. What once was a very real circumstance or situation may no longer exist. Perhaps we changed locations, jobs, schools, or even relationships as life continues to press forward.  We also need to look within to see how each change effects us.

By visualizing one who is a script writer, ask yourself a few questions. What happens when the characters do not comply with the plot? When the script gets changed, how does the director take action? As we all can participate in this world living out our own scripts, how do we react if the plot thickens? What if the actors do not stay true to their lines? What if they refuse to play their part? What if they decided to play the part of another actor in this universal play?

We can all learn how to write a new script for our lives. If we need help we can tap into other resources and acquire their wisdom. There are many who have greater skills and knowledge than we do; perhaps they would be willing to share. What does it take to write a new script for our lives? Let’s encourage each other to grow, while teaching, supporting, and encouraging one another along the way.

May 02

Plans Change Again


Life Is A Beautiful Gift To Enjoy

Writing a to-do list, thinking we will get up and conquer the world, face our giants, climb the mountain of obstacles, and sit down and relax at the end of the day may sound like an awesome victory. Perhaps we will be successful in accomplishing a great deal and celebrate our small or large successes.

What do we do when we have these great expectations, desires, or demands and we are not able to accomplish them for one reason or another? Are we a failure? Do we view ourselves in a negative light because we were unable to complete something we thought was a good idea earlier?

Being alive, let us take time to see the beauty around us even if we have a tremendous amount of things to accomplish, or if we have nothing to do at this time. Understanding we are all viewing this new day in a different way, it is still a gift we can celebrate, with or without requirements to do anything. Today is a gift to enjoy. We are here and can see beauty in many ways, and express ourselves in the midst of the surroundings we live in. There are many wonderful reasons to celebrate our ability to live and breath and have our being. Are we willing to slow down and share these moments with others? Even if doing so may be just giving someone a flower, or sharing a smile, to do so can create memories for others to celebrate life as well.

Apr 29

Way too serious…


Scrabble Anyone?

What do you do for fun? How many times does someone ask that question? Have we lost sight of our need to relax and enjoy simple pleasures in life? In this day and age we are surrounded with the ability to gather whatever information we desire. We can be entertained or distracted by a variety of ways that never existed in the past.

With so many things available at our fingertips, are we missing opportunities to be with others face to face? Old fashion games were very valuable for entertainment and created many memories. Are they out-dated, never to return? How do we fill our basic needs for love and belonging as well as love in this generation of technology?

Many are busy texting or posting on Facebook, and appear to have many friends, yet suffer from extreme isolation and loneliness. It is a true gift to be able to spend time, face to face with others. It has been said, “If you can hang out with someone without talking, that is saying a whole lot!” It takes time to learn how to  be comfortable with others, whether having fun or being silent. It also takes effort.

Are we willing to risk sharing thoughts and emotions with the hope of building friendships and enjoying life? Do we always have to think about the challenges of the world we live in, or can we have time to relax and watch the sun go down? Is there an invisible sign that states we must be way too serious? Have we  forgot we are created to enjoy life? It is never to late to begin as we learn how to balance our responsibilities and take time to appreciate life’s beauty.