Aug 26

Silence is Broken

fall 08 077In life there are times we encounter a beauty that is unexplained. It can pass so quickly we might not consciously acknowledge its presence. Yet our hearts were quickened and our senses heightened. We beheld the invisible in all its glory. What is that which is so full of life, passion and excitement?

What captivated the depth of our soul without our mind being able to comprehend the experience? That which is unseen yet felt, known but never fully understood, is available to be embraced. Those willing to be vulnerable, risk takers, and completely surrendered may enjoy this powerful force forever. No performance required, no rituals or duties, this unconditional gift is called Love.

Let us love one another.

Jun 28

The bare necessities in life.

192Being Content In Whatever State We’re In

Staying in a less than five star hotel, a place with minimum amount of furniture is a great way to be humbled, as well as reminded of the many gifts we have. There was one who was willing to share what she had, a gracious and beautiful young woman from a different country whose culture does not use beds.

I am grateful to have a place out of the elements and dangers of society, safely resting for the night behind a locked door as night approaches. All the meanwhile, I was learning how to be content in whatever state I am in.

Beauty in life shows up in even the most simple things. A soft pillow, a comforting blanket, a bonus could  include a gift of a light, with the ability to read; these are all things we should never take for granted. There is much to be thankful for. Yet how many times do we expect to have the comforts of life exactly the way we desire?  What happens if things get changed drastically?

As I realize life is not fair, I see many business that were lost to fire. We all could lose everything in a twinkling of an eye. What is it that keeps us motivated in times of uncertainty? Love and patience works wonders. For truly we didn’t bring anything into this world, nor will we take anything out.

What we need to do while we can experience life is to love and let others know they are cherished as well. Sharing a five star hotel, or a pile of blankets on the floor to provide padding, is a great way to practice being patience and kind

May 23

What is Reality Today?

20151201_094905What do you see? A glass table, with an awesome eagle underneath, wings spread to bear the weight of the Word, time and beauty.

A gift of flowers representing love, a Word of Knowledge to assist those who are desiring Wisdom, and the hour glass structuring the passing of time, all combined for those pursuing life more abundantly.

As we tap into the life forces available to those who desire truth, let us walk with integrity. We may enjoy the abundant life provided for us just for the asking. Seek and you shall find is one part of the process to help others. With growth in knowledge, we know what we needed to .

We truly need each other to share wisdom, knowledge and understanding. May we be willing to be open and share the goodness of the one greater other than ourselves who reads our hearts and direct our steps.

Apr 26

Being Yourself Without Permission

495“Each Individual & Unique Flower Is Living It’s Own Life”

How am I not myself? What a great question to ask ourselves. Are we bold enough to really think about this? For those who are willing to do so, they can find out it is awesome to actually contemplate the answers. What is the wisdom of others who say so flippantly, “Just be yourself”? How can we not be ourselves? Being authentic, unique and being true to ourselves is a great goal. Not everyone desires or is willing to do so. Living outside of the box (arena) that other people think we should live in can be painful.

Why do we think it is important to gain the approval of others, so much so, that we strive to try to be something other than what we really are? Whether short and sweet, or long and drawn out, we must determine what really matters in the long run?

Taking time to reflect on the meaning of life one may recognize the futility of striving to become something or someone else, especially if it is only to climb to the top to try to be successful. Is success defined in a career that may provide abundance with money in the bank? What about being rich in relationships, good health, and spirituality?

Not judging others along this journey, more questions come to the surface. At the end of the day we all may hope to arrive where we belong. Once there, what will we find? Does it all come back to the simple fact we should enjoy life and celebrate who we are created to be? Let us embrace those we are fortunate to have in our lives each day and encourage them as they become more authentic as well.

Apr 24

Now It’s Time


142“Taking time to relax and sketch outdoors is awesome”

How many times have we heard someone say it is time to leave,  go, stop, or to wait? How many times have we asked the simple question,”What time is it”? Is it time to get back to work, study, or time to eat?

There are some who say time is an illusion so it doesn’t matter what time it is. There are others who seem to live in or struggle with a type of strange time warp. It is funny how so many are amazed at how time seems to fly asking, :”Where did the time go”?

Many talk about living in the ‘Now’. What time is that? We also may be told we should practice living in the present. Again, the present is right now, whatever time that is. We have created a system that is set up with a standard to measure time. We accepted these standards and acknowledge time by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

It is fascinating to realize that different locations on earth have different time zones, each influencing the time of day. Keeping that in mind, when we begin to stress about something being late, or worry there’s not enough time to finish our project, or complete our goals, perhaps we could re-frame our thinking. It is important to be responsible and take care of business in a timely manner. Yet there will always be more to do, more to say, more to see and more to learn.

Balancing work and play, let’s prioritize our time and purposely tell others how important they are to us. For in the big scheme of things, at the end of the day, love and relationships that we have been built over time are most valuable.

Apr 19

Don’t Deny the Giver

221A Tree Sharing Life and Beauty For All To Behold

A dear friend of mine said, “Don’t deny the giver the joy of giving.” Perhaps we have been taught it is better to give than receive. Therefore many may have a difficulty being on the receiving end. What happens when we insist we are the ones that give but never allow others the joy of giving to us? Fear, pride, distrust, as well as many other emotions can cause us to reject the blessings offered to us. In addition, being able to receive is a humbling experience, one that is difficult for many to experience.

I heard a man once say he was a servant at heart and derives joy for being able to help others. He said, “It is the way I express my life by serving others.” His desire is to give assistance by sharing a part of his heart beats and breath while giving to or ministering to others. By being able to do so gives him great joy.

To many that is a foreign concept, for they may be selfish, self-centered, or too greedy to think about the needs of others. Then there are those who have been faithfully giving of themselves, never allowing others to pour into their lives gifts of love and service in return. In addition, it is difficult to find those who are willing to trust others, especially when it comes to accepting the gift of a true giver. How beautiful it is to find those who are sincere, have no agenda, no strings attached, who are displaying a form of love that cannot be described in words. May we learn from their example.

Nov 23

What Are You Thinking?


Lost In Deep Thought Of The Vastness Of Life’s Turmoils

Whatever you resist persists, there is the rub. As long as you engage in an inner war between what you crave and what you know is good for you, defeat is all but inevitable. In its natural state, will is the opposite of resistance.                                                                                                                          Deepak Chopra

What does that mean? Sometimes it is easier to recognize someone else who is struggling while attempting to resist some type of forbidden fruit than it is to see our own struggles. No one knows what is in the heart of man, nor could they know the topic of one’s inner war unless they chose to verbalize it. Even then, the degree to which the war is waged is a very private experience that cannot be shared with even the closest loved one.

We all could do well to learn the lesson of staying in our own area of control. For truly we can not control anyone else, in fact at times we can barely control ourselves. The only areas we can control is what we think, what we say, and what we do. For believers, they have been given a gift of self-control to use as they please.

How many times do we think if we just resist something it will go away? If the saying is true, whatever we resist will persist, shall we just submit to our internal cravings? It appears that the meaning of will is opposite of resistance. Therefore using the power of the will while addressing our inner war of good and bad becomes questionable. Is it possible to just use will power?

This is a deep thought to be contemplated. Do we actually know where we contemplate anything? Not to complicate matters even more, once we contemplate, how do we comprehend what we contemplated and then communicate it in a way that can be spoken? We are very complex beings that must use our minds and will to not only survive but thrive in the world we live in.

There are many books, quotes, and scriptures that refer to the mind. “Let this mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus” ..” Keep you mind on Him and He will keep your heart and mind in perfect peace.” When our heart is in perfect peace, the inner war will cease as continue to keep our mind on Him.

“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” I find it interesting that this scripture agrees with another quote.  Perhaps we should think about what we are thinking about!

“What comes out of your mouth is determined by what goes in to your mind.”                            Zig Ziglar

Sep 28

Just for the fun of it…..

art charcoal drawing lion 9-28-53I decided to do something fun, just for the fun of it and go to the county fair this weekend. Having a birthday coming up reminding me I am now officially a senior, I still felt like a little kid all excited because I was going to go to the fair on Friday night! I watched the clock, counting down the minutes for school to get out so I would be off work. I made arrangements to meet a friend, another writer, at the gate at a specific time.

As part of the R. B. writers group, we agreed to previously enter a short story and our poetry. The reason I submitted my story was to be a participant in the creative writing division. Due to the fact I facilitate the writer’s group for our area, I thought it would be a good example to enter my writing at the fair. During the week I work to help those who desire to become authors in the future, as well as others who already have their book published. Being involved with a county event was a great experience. By being an example, I desired to encourage other writers to fully embrace their desire to become authors, writing while having fun doing so.

My excitement about going to the fair was actually not all about the artwork or even the writing I submitted. It was actually about the pure, totally spun out, chemically colored, plastic wrapped, melt in your mouth, not on your hips, pink cotton candy. I somehow justified previously that it was a good idea to pay five dollars for parking, ten dollars to get in the gate, to have the opportunity to buy a five dollar bag of cotton candy. I know it is totally pure sugar with no redeeming value, yet I was determined to purchase it, while desiring to capture some childhood memories. Once a year, walking down the midway and eating a bag of cotton candy, sticky fingers and all, a kid’s dream come true!

To my surprise, while walking into the area where the art and creative writing was displayed I saw two blue ribbons and a white one attached to my art and writing. Seriously, I was shocked, for I did not expect to find any ribbons, for I knew I hadn’t finished the piece. It was a charcoal drawing of a lion. This was a great lesson to learn that others may not see what we see, and they didn’t know what my expectations were. Obviously they liked what they saw, regardless of what my futuristic thoughts were.

I read these words after coming home from the fair. I felt they were relevant to this moment in time. “When buying from an artist/maker, you’re buying more than just an object/ painting. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks & months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You aren’t just buying a thing; you’re buying a piece of heart, part of a soul, a moment of someone’s life. Most importantly, you’re buying the artist more time to do something they are passionate about.”
Nancy Conant
We all may have different passions to take care of in life. I encourage everyone to celebrate each moment as we progress toward fulfilling our passion.. Although I am celebrating my gift of life, as well as my participation at the fair, I realize when the sun comes up in the morning, it is a new day and time to start with new ideas and goals to accomplish for another day, living life to the fullest.

Aug 26

Are you ready?

cactus plant rising to the sky 2012 019

Fear of the Unknown Holding You Back?

There are times we may desire to do something new, unique, or completely foreign to us. Because we will have to travel in to new territory, it is called the unknown, we may feel shaky, our feelings can be unsettling, even nerve racking. Why? I am sure there are many variables involved in every situation that create unique and individual scenarios. Nevertheless, I believe we are similar in one area called procrastination. We may find that we have put things off because we are afraid of that which is not familiar.

Is it time to start, even if it is scary? Each one of us has to answer that question for ourselves. For once we start something we actually put in to motion a situation of some sort that may or may not be successful. Perhaps we will try to accomplish a particular feat, and then find we did not have what it takes to complete that task. When that occurs we may see ourselves in one or two ways. Some fall into the trap thinking they are losers because what they desired to accomplish didn’t happen. Others may look at themselves as highly educated, for they have learned many lessons along the way.

Education is expensive no matter what field we go in, or what school we enrolled. The school of hard knocks has a reputation of being painful yet I believe some of the most powerful lessons are learned there. The key is not to forget the answers that were learned for the next test that will be coming up.

In the realm of education, I have been gifted with many opportunities in life. Some of which is the ability to read, write, understand and teach. Having those abilities I have been trained in the field of psychology, have counseled many years in many different formats, and have the ability to help others who have a variety of different needs. I am thankful I can be of service and help relieve suffering.

Using the knowledge, gifts, and skills I have acquired over the past twenty years has provided many exciting and interesting life experiences. As I continue to expand my expertise I am reminded of the words of wisdom from my mentor many years ago. “You can train and train and train, but sooner or later you have to get in the ring!” I can add more knowledge, research, write, and talk about, “Someday I am going to…” Although I know someday is not on any calendar, it is easy to believe that it exists because we all have heard it said so many times.

Is it time to face our fears and acknowledge the fact we are ready now? Ready for what? Are we ready to start that which we have been putting off because of fear? Fear of failure, fear of success, will keep us from starting to work on, make, or do that which is in our heart to accomplish.

Personally, I have decided it is time. I am ready. I am going for it! I am stepping away from the familiar IMFT/ Ph.D./Psy.D….all of my former training, letters and degree’s on the wall to take a step up higher on a new platform.

It is time to embrace that which is within and allow all that dwells there, love, compassion, understanding and education to be released in a new way. “Ready or not, here I come”, that was a saying we shouted while playing hide and seek so many years ago. Now it is time to boldly say it once again.

Being a Heart Mender Specialist is the result of that decision. Combining the psychological, biological and the spiritual elements, I am available to help those in need. It is our ultimate goal to get to the heart of the matter resulting in healing and freedom.

Aug 18

Looking back in time

215Although I was born in a city in California, my father did not think the Bay Area was a good place to raise six daughters. We were all surprised when he came home one day and put a for sale sign in the yard. He was a contractor and carpenter by trade. He made a great living due to the fact the city was continually growing up all around us. Dad had the foresight and willingness to make sacrifices to provide and protect his family. He found a small 20 acre dairy/ranch located hundreds of miles north of the city that would become our new home.

As a child I never gave thought about how hard it would be to literally pack up your whole family, (no boys included to help with the loading), and move everything, piano included, to the unknown world called Glenn County. Our new ranch house only had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Of course dad had his own, being the only male in the house.

As you can guess, I being the fifth of six girls got the short end of the stick many times. One of which had to do with having time in the bathroom to get ready for school. That may seem unusual to mention here, yet it was a very important place in our house. The pecking order was in full force, not just out in the chicken coop. After all, where do young girls get to style their hair, put on their make-up, view them self in the mirror; to assure they were presentable before leaving the house, no matter the occasion?

My youngest sister was treated differently because she was the youngest. I can imagine what she went through, in some ways being treated special because she was the last child, but she also had to deal with being left out, hearing things like, no she can’t go; she is too young, she has to stay home!

Isn’t it amazing how well we can see as we get older? I wonder what she went through dealing with her five older sisters always telling her what to do or worse yet, what she couldn’t do. Top it off, having a mother that may be over protective in one way, and not protective in another. This of course is all speculation on my part. I hear hind sight is 20/20.

Looking back on things from an adult’s point of view helps me to see things in a different light.One of which is the fact that there are some parents who are willing to sacrifice their own desires to help their children grow up to be healthy adults. The reality that there are also parents who are not willing to take responsibility to raise their children properly, who also abuse them in many areas is hard to comprehend.

As a former mental health professional, I believe this was one of the most painful areas to work with. How can one not love their own off spring? Some view their child as a threat, jealous of their budding gifts, talents and strengths. Others see their children as a hindrance, as another thing in their way as they desire to have fun or do drugs. There are many reasons why a mother or father will reject a child.

When going through counseling with a therapist, priest or pastor, counselor, or with me as a Heart Mender Specialist, each professional will treat the situation differently. I have found many times to be very successful in helping others see faulty thought patterns and relieve suffering. The choice to see someone for help, especially as a Broken Heart Mender Specialist, may be scary at first. As one who is Doctoral trained as a clinical psychologist, I have learned many reasons why we may disconnect and act accordingly. It takes time to build a trusting relationship. It is difficult to understand that the truth is ‘now’ is the perfect and only time we can actually take time to address concerns we have.

As a Heart Mender Specialist I hear stories on a daily basis of abuse and neglect. My job is to help relieve suffering, as well as to help re-frame thoughts to adjust to the realities we all may suffer one way or the other. As I stated earlier, daddy was willing to make sacrifices to move away from that which he had known for our benefit. There are times when we may also need to make sacrifices, walk away from the familiar to be able to be free from the past.Contact me for a free consultation if you have a desire to address past or present issues and experience the freedom to enjoy life to its fullest.