Feb 27

Watching Your Step?

We all agree that stepping on a sticky piece of gum on a hot summer day can interrupt our stride. It will get real messy unless we stop and take care of the situation. I don’t recall ever hearing someone rejoicing when they suddenly recognized there was a gooey, foreign object, stuck to the bottom of their shoe.What do we do, just kick off our sneakers and keep going? Not likely. It is profitable in many ways to slow down and watch our step. By doing so, where ever we go in life, it may save us much time, grief or heart ache in the future.

Feb 26

We Are Not Alone

At times we may feel alone, although there may be forces we can not see that constantly surround us. Is it possible this picture captured a force bigger than myself? Shadow or reflection, both are a guess, for whatever the reason, the answer still cannot be explained. This is a great illustration how we may perceive ourselves one way, while others perceive us differently. Can they see or feel something we do not? It has been said, “Life is an illusion.” We know there is more to life than meets the eye. In this life, it is good to remember we can have more questions than answers. The key to success is to keep asking, the answers are on their way.



Feb 20

Are you hiding or stuck?

At times in our life we wonder if anyone would notice if we disappeared. Although we may try, did we really? Perhaps we think no one can see us when we try to hide. Yet, to others it is obvious exactly where we are. As time passes and there is no communication with others, we need to remember silence can be misinterpreted. There is an unknown message still being sent. It is important to realize we need each other and reach out when we are able.