Feb 09

Hearing the Waves Roar?

373Simplicity of Life

As beautiful as the beach can be, the time may come when we need to take cover, withdraw to rest or take care of business. This simple shelter can provide a few moments of privacy for a quick change of clothing. In addition, it can be a semi-secure place to take a brief nap, or to be inside and still listen to the waves roar. Obviously, to live on the beach vs. visiting the beach are two different experiences. For now, fantasies of laying on the warm sandy beach can create a great image to look forward to in the future.

Feb 08

To Be Opened Soon?


Many times in life we desire the ability to make changes. At other times we refuse to surrender and fight that which must occur. We experience a sense of confusion, not knowing what we can depend upon or what will happen next. One door shuts and another hasn’t opened.

Knowing we lack knowledge, and in unfamiliar territory, we can stop and seek help. Entering into a new career, relationship, or unique business opportunity can be scary. What is behind the only door presented to us? Is it safe to knock? What happens when we do? Will someone answer? Whatever mystery is behind the door, it can only be solved when someone is willing to wait until it is opened.

Can we be patient during this time of uncertainty? As each season changes it creates transitions in our lives. Circumstances present situations that place us in front of many doors over time. We have the freedom to choose what to do. Do we walk on by, or do we stop and see if a new door opens? We may find, once the door has opened, a whole new realm of hope. Once inside we can have a different point of view and enjoy tremendous opportunities for a new life.

Feb 06

Sharing Space


These amazing trees have grown together as they persevered the elements of time. Planted long ago, it was determined they would share their space as they began to reach for the sky. Their roots became deeply meshed and intermingled. They quickly spread throughout the soil looking for nourishment and water. As time passed, each stood alone, triumph over all the challenges of wind and storms. Basking in sunshine, they celebrate the life they were created to become.

We also may have others in our life that are planted next to us and share our space. Together, our roots continue to grow deeper as we seek nourishment for our body and soul. Although we are very unique and individual beings, just as each of these trees represent, we also are intermingled in the hearts and minds of others. Together we too may blossom, basking in the warmth of the sun, while enjoying the beauty of life all around us.

Feb 05

Life Like Burnt Toast?


Some things in life may be taken for granted until they no longer function. Basically we can call them ‘toast’. What happens at that point? Do we just toss them, or do they go else where, perhaps hidden for possible use in the future?

It is nice to have a toaster to make special warm treats any time of the day. We can enjoy breakfast with toast or an English muffin covered in butter and jelly. For dinner we can add garlic bread with our beautiful  spaghetti. But when a toaster begins to burn it’s contents, it is instantly viewed in a different light. It is no longer seen as a faithful friend to be depended on. It no longer pops up that perfectly toasted slice of deliciousness. Now it has to be watched like a hawk so it doesn’t secretly go on a burning rampage. A decision eventually has to be made when it is time to literally let it go?

In the same way, we need to recognize when other areas have become ‘toast’. When we find our lives turned upside down, dealing with the crumbs scattered everywhere. If our toast is constantly popping up burnt, it is time to make some drastic choices. Do we continually try to it clean up, perhaps soak it, then  wash the exterior until it is shiny once again? When do we accept the facts? Some things are  toast, burned out, over done, and no longer desirable. Once we acknowledge this reality we can let go, act accordingly, and make room for the new and improved version of our life.

Living with no regrets we shall live while we are alive. Enjoy being real.


Feb 04

A New Beginning, Again?

Our Beautiful Home

When we experience life changing events, they will always take time to process emotionally, mentally and physically. During this transition, time continues to pass. Every twenty four hours mark another day on our calendar. We know with each new morning there follows a brand new day. As simple as that sounds, it is important to remember we have never ‘spent’ this day before.

And so it is… A new beginning, all over again. A day we have not yet experienced, in a time we have not seen before, bringing lessons that are only beginning to unfold. Let us embrace each new journey with a heart of joy and great expectations.