Aug 30

What Does That Mean?

1-3-11 447Willing to Search the Horizons to Find the Answers

How do we view the question, “What does that mean”? Being silent has multiple reasons. Seeing something that takes our breath away, so stunning, so awesome, can leave us speechless. Perhaps a beautiful experience occurred and all our words fail to describe it.

Shock and awe is another form of energy that can interfere with the ability to communicate. It is difficult to ask questions or speak out, let alone explain what is happening. Many times we may not possess the qualifications or communication skills to be able to share our thoughts clearly with others. We can become frustrated without the psychological and cognitive resources needed to speak.

‘What does it mean’,can be viewed as a question of curiosity, or one of a veiled threat and challenge to authority! Every individual that is curious, has a desire to learn, can ask simple questions and wait to find the answers. It is a good thing to take time to increase our knowledge and understanding. It is a powerful gift of freedom to ask simple questions and to know for ourselves “What does it mean”?

Aug 26

Silence is Broken

fall 08 077In life there are times we encounter a beauty that is unexplained. It can pass so quickly we might not consciously acknowledge its presence. Yet our hearts were quickened and our senses heightened. We beheld the invisible in all its glory. What is that which is so full of life, passion and excitement?

What captivated the depth of our soul without our mind being able to comprehend the experience? That which is unseen yet felt, known but never fully understood, is available to be embraced. Those willing to be vulnerable, risk takers, and completely surrendered may enjoy this powerful force forever. No performance required, no rituals or duties, this unconditional gift is called Love.

Let us love one another.