Jul 31

Taking a Second Look

DSC03306“In Season and Out”

It is easy in our culture to slip into a mindset that is can be predictable. This picture is a great example. With a pumpkin and a cat on the roof, does it have a significant meaning? Was it posed? Should this picture only be posted during Halloween? The truth is this cat wouldn’t have a clue about any holiday, it just loves to climb up on the neighbors roof and watch the world go by. The pumpkin perched on the  fence could be a harvest prize or a holiday decoration.

Does everything have to have a label or interpretation? It is understood we try to understand our world by our interactions of the past, family experiences, traditions and cultural . What happens when things get changed? What if we began purchasing Christmas trees and decorating them in August? Would others think we are strange?

We know there are four seasons in the year, winter, spring, summer and fall. We have to adjust our lives accordingly to each season. Yet there are other seasons in our lives. They can deal with relationships, work, age, families, and our life styles. When young we are free to express ourselves in certain ways. As we get older, as seasons change hopefully we will mature, doing so, we change our ways once again. Whatever season we find ourselves in, let us remember to celebrate life to the fullest. Lets dare to be bold, free, unique and authentic in every realm. Live while we are alive!

Jul 30

The Sound of Your Voice

Eds VOCan Anyone Hear You?

Although there are times when we may be quiet, I question if anyone would notice? We are bombarded with many sounds. There is the media, radio and television, Internet, and input from all those around us. It is difficult to find a place where we can experience quiet. Perhaps if we went on a Pilgrimage and walked where the road is less traveled there would be less noise.

There are moments we have the opportunity to communicate with others in a variety of ways. Calls, texts, letters, emails, social media are the norm. Let us use these opportunities to share our hearts with those we care about. While we have the freedom and ability, lift our voices to share love and encouragement with others.

Jul 08

Can I Hear Your Voice?

Eds VOI Will Let My Voice Be Heard

While it is possible, shall we speak up and share our thoughts with others? Are we bold and courageous, willing to take risks and proclaim our dreams as others have in the past? Is it OK to dream big in a world that seems to be crashing in all around us?

If you were free to say what is on your mind, would you let your voice to be heard? If so, what topic would you decide to talk about? There are so many areas that can be covered, it is best to discuss that which we are most passionate about. What happens if we desire to talk about things others don’t want to hear about?

We have many decisions to make in life. One of which is will we let our voices be heard?

Jul 07

Taking time to relax


What May We Find Hidden Within?

This scene can be viewed in many ways. Someone may be camping on the beach for a mini-vacation. Children may be using this tent for a dressing room, changing out of wet suits to dry clothing. Perhaps a new mother is enjoying the privacy provided within to nurse her infant while her family members are out building sand castles chasing the waves.

A time to escape from daily duties and chores at home is a wonderful opportunity. To take a moment to make new memories and relax is a gift to be enjoyed. Even if we can’t get away to the coast, we can step outside and look up at the stars at night. Camping in the back yard, or playing silly games can be a great way to restore our health and gain a new mindset.

It is an awesome experience to be able to lay down under the stars and see the heavens declare the Glory of God. What we observe is beyond our human comprehension, yet we can celebrate by acknowledging a beauty words can not describe. Knowing we can share this experience with others, or enjoy quiet moments to reflect on the universe, is free of charge and a gift provided night after night for all to enjoy.

Jul 01

Taking Time To Reflect

Faith on the beach 12-31-14TAKING TIME TO REFLECT

A special moment in time can occur as we stop to reflect on things in life. While enjoying the beach it is also a great opportunity to grasp a new perspective on life. No matter how big our problems are, they will pale in comparison to power and the vast body of water that lies before us.

As we breathe the fresh air and feel the cool ocean breeze it provides a calming force. Even if we cannot literally be on the beach, we can visualize the waves as they roll upon the beach. There is an opportunity to listen to the ocean waves off the Internet, while practicing deep breaths exercises, relaxing our neck and shoulders, and focusing our mind on pleasant thoughts. This is just one of many beneficial tools we can us to improve our health care.

Asking simple questions can be instrumental to help us visualize our desired place of peace. What are we visualizing? What does the environment look like? Are there many people on the beach or is it isolated? Is the wind blowing hard, or is there a gentle breeze? What time of day is it? Is it high tide or low?  Are we alone or with another? Is it warm or cold? These factors will have an impact on how one is able to relax.

As we practice visualizing our times of relaxation, day dreaming, or actively creating a mini vacation from within, we will find our stress level decreases. It is a great way to spend a few minutes to be creative, to escape from the daily grind, and to decompress.  We have permission to do so. This can be part of a great treatment plan and continued long term goal for improved health.

Where is your special get away?