Jun 28

The bare necessities in life.

192Being Content In Whatever State We’re In

Staying in a less than five star hotel, a place with minimum amount of furniture is a great way to be humbled, as well as reminded of the many gifts we have. There was one who was willing to share what she had, a gracious and beautiful young woman from a different country whose culture does not use beds.

I am grateful to have a place out of the elements and dangers of society, safely resting for the night behind a locked door as night approaches. All the meanwhile, I was learning how to be content in whatever state I am in.

Beauty in life shows up in even the most simple things. A soft pillow, a comforting blanket, a bonus could  include a gift of a light, with the ability to read; these are all things we should never take for granted. There is much to be thankful for. Yet how many times do we expect to have the comforts of life exactly the way we desire?  What happens if things get changed drastically?

As I realize life is not fair, I see many business that were lost to fire. We all could lose everything in a twinkling of an eye. What is it that keeps us motivated in times of uncertainty? Love and patience works wonders. For truly we didn’t bring anything into this world, nor will we take anything out.

What we need to do while we can experience life is to love and let others know they are cherished as well. Sharing a five star hotel, or a pile of blankets on the floor to provide padding, is a great way to practice being patience and kind

Jun 23

Contrasting Beauty With Bareness

20160327_142354Beauty In A Black And White World

Taking a moment to share deep thoughts with another may seem to hard. What can we say when we find ourselves in a place where there are no words to be expressed?  An Erie silence can prevail in a place of trauma, fear, anxiety, or even death. At that time, perhaps only the eyes of the soul can communicate.

Things may seem upside down, as if nothing makes sense; what seemed like beauty may suddenly be viewed as darkness. At times like these may we find special moments filled with color in a very black and white world. They may be observed in ways we would never have seen before. It is during these times we search for simple things in life.

As this precious rose reaches for the light of day it lives in contrast with barren trees and winter remains. There is beauty that surrounds us, yet we must have eyes to see. Enjoying each precious gift of life no matter how big or small will continually enrich our soul. Let us be aware day by day.


Jun 21

Reading the Signs?

20160211_165408“Life Guard Off Duty- Save Yourself”

Although we may notice the signs, hear the sirens, see the red flags waving, we still have the freedom to ignore all of them! Knowing that, it is good to ask, why would we purposefully charge into a place we were cautioned to stay away from? Why do we at times, continue going down a path even when we see a sign posted, “Bridge out, road closed”?

We may have been d-sensitized to the reality we live in a cold harsh environment. If that is the case, it is time to increase our awareness. It is important to remember there are only a few things that actually separate us from the cold nights or hot summer days.

Although a lifeguard generally relates to issues in water, in this context it is referring to life in general. Are we depending on another to guard our lives? As we recognize we are responsible for our choices we can begin creating safe zones and boundaries. In them we can enjoy resting, taking time to recuperate from hard work, or other issues as needed, then move forward  to accomplish our goals.

Within those objectives we can celebrate life and embrace the freedoms we hold; ever responsible for ourselves, then others as appropriate.

Jun 21

What Are You Waiting For?

20160324_181835-1Waiting Patiently Together

There are times when nothing can be done and we have to be still. How many of us get uncomfortable knowing we have to be patient and wait? What we are hoping for and what will actually occur is unknown. Only time will tell the true outcome.

What can we do to prepare ourselves? There will be future moments when we will be required to wait once again? Learning to accept things we cannot change, and change the things we can, and using wisdom to be able to know the difference is helpful.

There are many experiences in life that require our cooperation to be still. At times we may stand back and watch others appear on the stage of life and perform, even if we secretly desired to be the star of the show!

While waiting for a child to be born, or watching a flower blossom, we know we cannot rush the process. There are many other beautiful moments, or even tragic ones that require waiting and being still. Patience and peace may spring forth as we wait. As difficult as it is, freedom manifests while practicing being present without any expectations for a desired outcome or agenda.


Jun 13

Hands tied behind your back?

20151213_170459For some it would appear things come naturally, where others struggle doing even the simple things in life. As this picture demonstrates, determination prevails, even if we seem to get tied up momentarily. Obviously preparing something nutritious to eat is work. Being successful creating food others enjoy can be a major feat, especially for those who find cooking is not their strong suit.It can be considered an art form. Many demonstrate their love and take artistic license in their creations. There are others who dread the thought of even entering a kitchen, avoiding it like the plaque. They tread lightly when forced to enter, looking for exit signs immediately.

Being creative can be revealed in many forms and displayed in unique ways that only the creator can accomplish. We are all gifted to be creative in one way or the other.

“A musician must make music, a painter must paint, a poet must write to be ultimately at peace.” Maslow

One who loves playing instruments will see music as a gift that touches the soul. A painter will enjoy painting images to provide beauty to the eye of the beholder. A writer sees words as gifts to be formed into word pictures; showing a scene or telling a story.

Whatever strengths we have been given, gifts or talents, let us use them, for we know it is never too late to start. As shown above, even if we have our hands tied, (these were for demonstration purpose) we can enjoy the journey .