Mar 01

Spending time


Putting things in to perspective can help relieve stress and give us greater wisdom and understanding of situations in life. While flying and looking out the window every thing looks different. The piles of paper work on my desk, bills that need to be paid, or the floors that could be vacuumed do not seem to  have the same importance at that moment. Obviously as our point of view changes so do the things that demand our attention.

It is good to be reminded about the power of our thought process and our view point and the impact they have on our well being. We can become stressed out thinking we don’t have enough time to take care of everything thing that we want to get done. It is true, we are right, and it is o.k.!

That may sound strange but it is also refreshing to be understand and be reassured we are not required to take care of everything our minds think about. There are many things we think we have to do, want to do, or really should do. Our thought process moves much quicker than our bodies can, therefore we will never be able to accomplish all the things we may desire.

By focusing and with due diligence we can accomplish certain things in life, and hopefully those which are the true priorities we need to take care of. At times we may even need to enlist the help of others along the way. With many distractions and shiny objects desiring our attention, it is important to make decisions that we know what we need to focus and complete.

In the midst of busyness, priorities, never ending to-do lists, I still desire to take time to communicate and be creative. That said, as a writer, there is one thing I know I can do on a daily basis. Capturing a moment in time, a thought, and a picture, translating them into this written form while still alive and animated, to share ideas with the hopes others will be encouraged and do the same.


Mar 01

Obviously you are changing!


What does it take to make drastic changes in our lives without some type of dramatic event or crisis? What is that one thing that we can freely embrace that will compel us to let go of that which we are familiar with, even if we do not particularly like or enjoy it. What keeps us in our uncomfortable comfort zone and keeps us from taking hold of something new? Is it the fear of change in and of itself?

We know that everything has a season, and when that season changes what once appeared to be beautiful begin to change as well. When we see trees break out in beautiful colors, covering limbs that were once bare with tiny blossoms we know spring is near. Quickly they fall to the ground to be replaced with many tree leaves. Every year we can observe seasons change in many ways. Even watching as the weather changes has an impact on us by requiring our actions to change accordingly.

As humans, how do we change in our personal seasons of life? Obvious changes are seen as babies turn into toddlers and then begin to grow into childhood. Soon we have teenagers, young adults, and hopefully full grown and mature adults. Those changes are predictable in the physical arena. There are many psychological theories taught about the different stages in life we go through. Some may or may not agree with these theories.

What about other types of changes? We hear about changing our minds, do we change what we believe in? When we were young we might have believed in fairy tales, Santa Claus, and even worried about if there were monsters lurking about. When did we change our thinking and decide we didn’t have to worry about the boogie man or monsters hiding under the bed anymore? As we continued getting older our perceptions changed, our maturity level increased and our understanding and perspectives changed as well. Therefore we do not think the way we used to. Is it possible we entered yet another season in life, or is it just the season we were in changed as the blossoms fell from the tree making room for the new leaves? Here we are having the opportunity to view life differently once again as we celebrate another change.