Dec 24

What Would You Say?

1-3-11 245


If you were going to have someone quote you in the future, what would you say? As silly as it may seem, our words can out live us and be repeated throughout time in one way or the other. If we knew for sure we would have some type of influence by the spoken or written words we utter, would we change them?

When asking who is Sarah Hale we may not know. If we were told she was born in 1788 and died in 1879 we still may not know. Yet her words have been heard multiple times as we grew up. Sarah could never have dreamed how her words would become so well known to the masses over the past several centuries. Many could name her song and sing it just by reading the first words.

“Mary had a little lamb/ Its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went/ the lamb was sure to go”.    Sarah Hale

We come and we go, yet our words will remain with those whom we chose to share our thoughts. As time passes we may think about the important things we need to say to others. There are those who desire to listen and others who do not.

As a professional public speaker, it is important to know who is the audience. The size has an impact, for a small intimate group may call for a different type of message verses a larger audience. Although we may never know who is listening, shall we continue to speak up to share knowledge and understanding? If you were to be quoted one hundred years from now, what would you say?

“Time will tell.”    Brenda Ballantine

Dec 19

What can you say?

1-3-11 418


When it is late in the day and we are tired, what can we say? Knowing there is power in words, do we look for a quote trying to express a thought, or do we speak out with hope others understand what we say?

The morning is soon to arrive and the day is done, are we finished or is there one more thing to be said, or errand to run? It is hard to accept the reality we can never accomplish all our minds desires. Our body is is much slower than our mind, which moves faster than any human being can move

No matter what we do, we must finish the mission of the day? Does anyone care one way or the other? Many times they do not, unless they are the boss and what we do will bring in more money for them. With time passing so quickly I ask, “What can we say? How did we finish the day? Does it matter anyway?

We can only guess for we will never know the impact we have on others. We make choices that impact the way we grow. Truly that is what matters as we will all agree, surviving the odds to be able to be you and be me. From that point of view I only have one question to ask, and will listen to hear the answer at last.

What can you say, as time passes and we are all looking for answers? Shall we compromise, or declare what we believe? We know not all agree with the way we think, yet we choose to accept others, and know life is good and we will celebrate. Our response is with confidence, as we know the way, and will continue to proclaim it’s another great day!

Dec 17

The power of attitude

1-3-11 479

In the Midst of Challenging Times Keeping a Good Attitude

Recently it was said the key word for the day was ‘attitude’. Taking time to reflect on the meaning of the word can be the first step to understanding it. What does it mean when someone says, “Wow, they sure have a bad attitude”, or “He needs to have an attitude adjustment!”

In a positive light, we are told to have a winning attitude as we move forward into unknown territory.

So what does having an attitude mean? A complex mental state involving beliefs, feelings and values, and dispositions to act certain ways; a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display, are several definitions.

When we combine the power of our belief system with a positive attitude we can create a winning disposition. This may compel us to continue to press toward the goal line. In contrast there is a negative attitude that believes no matter what is done it will not matter, there is no winning. It is up to each of us to determine the type of attitude and belief we will embrace.

You cannot tailor make the situations in life, but you can tailor make the attitudes to fit those situations before they arise.      Zig Ziglar

Let us remember to take the power of a good attitude, focus our mental state, beliefs, feelings, and dispositions and create a more meaningful and positive quality world.

Dec 15

You are making history!

1-3-11 293


Do we realize we are part of history that is in the making at this very moment? If this was a long letter, or just a few brief words, a lengthy book, or a poem written to speak to ones heart, once composed and time passes, it all becomes history in one form or another.

Gifted men and women are recognized in their time, but the truly great… after. Make history your audience.

Lance Wallnau shared these words, which in turn inspired me to take a moment and write. We are free to  spend our time in many ways, yet that which is lasting is kept in the heart and minds of others. Precious memories quickly become another part of history. Memories fade, and will never be known by another if they aren’t written down to be heard in the future.

How will our children know that which was past if there is no one to tell the stories? In a time where so many things are animated, in the form of games and entertainment, distractions demand our attention. With that, are we being careful to do our part to preserve the history as we know it?

Not all history has to be traumatic or dramatic, for we are surrounded with many gifts and talents that are displayed in beautiful ways. There are many who only think of times in history as those documented by  great achievements or horrendous events, wars and rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes, but what about all the other parts of history?

There are special times in life that can be as simple as seeing a squirrel climbing up a tree in the back yard, or watching birds on the beach as waves continually crash on the shore. Life has many beautiful gifts that we may share along the way. The simple things, as having the ability to see a grandchild smile, or watch a father teach his son how to play chess, all precious moments that quickly pass and become yet another part of history.

Can we stop and think about our story? Let us remember we also create a portion of history each day we live our lives. There will be times we have a peaceful and somewhat uneventful experience, while others may be filled with challenges, trials and temptations. Whatever the case may be, let us be determined to press forward and purposefully make our future like no other; making a history that encouraged and enlightened others now and for years to come.



Dec 11

Anybody There?

1-3-11 575“We Are Never Truly Alone”

There are times when we may feel alone even though there are so many people all around us. It is a important to reach out to others and have the opportunity to have a positive experience that will help deal with our loneliness.

If you don’t like who you are and where you are, don’t worry about it because you’re not stuck, either with who you are or where you are. You can grow. You can change. You can be more than you are. – Zig Ziglar

Using forms of Choice Theory as well as Empowerment Coaching, we can learn how to change, resulting in freedom and joy. A merry heart does good like a medicine…… In a world filled with lonely and hopeless  people, it is a powerful experience to seek out people that have a merry heart for it is contagious.

When we have the opportunity to be happy and we take it, there are many advantages to other. Here is one:

         “Happy girls are the prettiest.” -Audrey Hepburn

Dec 09

Is It A Coincidence?

1-3-11 412Coincidence is God’s way or remaining anonymous. – Albert Einstein

How many times do we have things happen in our life that can not be explained? Life is a gift with many twists and turns that continually teach us lessons along the way to create who we are.

Taking time to reflect on the moments we have experienced in the past, we may see many things that we dismissed as coincidental in a different light now. Could it be that there were other factors in place that we didn’t see yet, were instrumental to bring to pass an occurrence or event?

Do we know what the word coincidence actually means? Do we causally say, “Oh that was just a coincidence”, when it may have been something else we can not explain.

An event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental, is one definition of a coincidence. The quality of occupying the same position or area of space is yet another. Knowing that, which definition would best describe our personal experiences, or was it a coincidence after all?


Dec 08

The Power of Words

251“Good words are worth much and cost little.”  – George Herbert

When we struggle with the issues of life we may forget that we have power in our words. Relationships can be healed or broken with the choice of words that are spoken. It is refreshing when we have the pleasure to spend time with one who knows how to speak life, truth and love to others. It is painful to be with one who is skilled in speaking negative words that wound to the very core of our being.

“Sharp words make more wounds than surgeons can heal.” Thomas Churchyard

There are times when we can hear great quotes, read them in a book, and see them framed on a wall. Some are written in truth and have very powerful meanings. We can enjoy reading them and even repeat them, the question is do we actually hear them and apply any to our personal lives?

Hopefully we will begin to recognize the power of our words and choose to purposefully speak life and truth to others.

“Words, like fine flowers, have their colors too.” – Ernest Rhys

Dec 03

What Is Humility?


Humility is not thinking about yourself. Humility is thinking about yourself less.  (Unknown)

Let us not forget it is important to think about our self enough to take good care of our health, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If we do not, in time we will become a burden to others. It is humbling to realize that we will need others, in one way or the other along the way, as others will need us as well.

To be willing to contribute, to share our resources, in whatever form we may have, is truly a gift to ourselves as well as to others. Wisdom is required to know with whom we may share, and with whom we may not. The good news is that In this chaotic world we can make a difference; one way is by shining light in a dark place, another form of true humility.

The willingness to embrace who we truly are, being authentic and genuine, is yet another form of humility. As we do so, we have the power and confidence to enjoy the abundant life available to us. We may then share the goodness and peace that comes from within while surrendering to the beauty manifested in humility.