Nov 28

There Is A Good Plan For Us



Running a race requires discipline and endurance. As we travel along the path we have chosen, we will  have the opportunity to make many choices. Preferably we will make those that help us enjoy living on this beautiful planet with as little trials as possible. The reality is we all encounter obstacles and challenges along the way, and at times we will require the help of others assistance.

We will need to use stamina and determination to press forward to get past that which seems beyond all hope. Drawing strength from within, and calling upon others, is the key to success for in the multitude of counselors there is wisdom.

It will be required that we use our discernment to know that the counselors we have chosen are truly wise, for unfortunately there are those who have an evil agenda and will try to steer us in the wrong direction.

The times we are living in have changed dramatically from those of the past. How we view things in life will be filtered from the environment we are surrounded by in the present as well as that which we have had in our past. What we desire to understand and accomplish at this time will be influenced by many thoughts, emotions and personal beliefs.

The good news is with right choices and spirited endurance this race is far from over. The outcome will  astonish to the runner as well as the observers. Let us be sure to stay on our own path lest we be disqualified and press forward one step at a time. There is a plan for us, and in that plan we will successfully finish the race set before us.









Nov 25

To Itch Or To Scratch



When once the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of a pen.  Samuel Lover (1797- 1868)

As we take time to read for a variety of reasons we may not acknowledge the fact that someone was diligent to take time write the words we see.

Whenever we watch a program or movie, how many times do we stop to notice who was the writer? We might think about the type of movie we want to see, or who is playing in it, actor/actresses, that follow the script word for word.

It is interesting to think about all the people who are working behind the scenes to bring to life the words that may have came forth from one individual sitting alone at their computer or with a notepad and pen.

May we continue to encourage writers to write, and teach children to read and use their imagination. May  those who are called step into their individual authentic realm, enjoy reading great literature and pen beautiful lines.


Nov 23

What Are You Thinking?


Lost In Deep Thought Of The Vastness Of Life’s Turmoils

Whatever you resist persists, there is the rub. As long as you engage in an inner war between what you crave and what you know is good for you, defeat is all but inevitable. In its natural state, will is the opposite of resistance.                                                                                                                          Deepak Chopra

What does that mean? Sometimes it is easier to recognize someone else who is struggling while attempting to resist some type of forbidden fruit than it is to see our own struggles. No one knows what is in the heart of man, nor could they know the topic of one’s inner war unless they chose to verbalize it. Even then, the degree to which the war is waged is a very private experience that cannot be shared with even the closest loved one.

We all could do well to learn the lesson of staying in our own area of control. For truly we can not control anyone else, in fact at times we can barely control ourselves. The only areas we can control is what we think, what we say, and what we do. For believers, they have been given a gift of self-control to use as they please.

How many times do we think if we just resist something it will go away? If the saying is true, whatever we resist will persist, shall we just submit to our internal cravings? It appears that the meaning of will is opposite of resistance. Therefore using the power of the will while addressing our inner war of good and bad becomes questionable. Is it possible to just use will power?

This is a deep thought to be contemplated. Do we actually know where we contemplate anything? Not to complicate matters even more, once we contemplate, how do we comprehend what we contemplated and then communicate it in a way that can be spoken? We are very complex beings that must use our minds and will to not only survive but thrive in the world we live in.

There are many books, quotes, and scriptures that refer to the mind. “Let this mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus” ..” Keep you mind on Him and He will keep your heart and mind in perfect peace.” When our heart is in perfect peace, the inner war will cease as continue to keep our mind on Him.

“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” I find it interesting that this scripture agrees with another quote.  Perhaps we should think about what we are thinking about!

“What comes out of your mouth is determined by what goes in to your mind.”                            Zig Ziglar

Nov 22

The Mind Is Everything



It is interesting, as one who is an observer of the written word, to see how writers create empowering thoughts, or fear provoking angry thoughts. Therefore it is up to us to choose what we read and write.

Having the freedom to express ourselves in this realm we call blogging, it is important to question our motives to communicate.What is the message we want to pass along? Are we writing to promote our agenda? Is there a need that is being met when we take time to write? Could we believe that what we have to say is important, and we must share it with the world via the Internet?

Enjoying the freedom and ability to read and write and share information/ insight is a true gift. Empowering others with new knowledge and wisdom is a great contribution to those around us. Are we doing it out of love and a desire to help, or are we trying to build up our own ego? It is important to be proud of a job well done, and to enjoy the outcome of our labor and our diligence.

I found these words written in a classroom I was visiting a few days ago. Both are examples of how we can share thoughts though the written words. Depending on the individuals beliefs and mind set will determine how they view these thoughts from other writers we do not know. What do you think?

Egotism = The anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity… (Unknown).

The mind is everything, what you think you become…       (Unknown)

Nov 16

How Do We Express Ourselves


As we go to and fro, and in and out of our travels, we may see that there are many locations that hang beautiful paintings on their walls to decorate their establishments. As we stop and admire the art we might even pause for a moment and wonder about the artist who created it. That is one form of expression we use to communicate the way we feel in our modern day culture; funny that even in the days of the caveman they decorated their walls with charcoal drawings.

While we enjoy seeing the lovely decor, we may also find famous quotes in bold print on a powerful image with the hope to encourage and inspire those who view it. This practice reveals the power of written words that may be embraced and planted in the hearts of men and women; those same words may even be instrumental in changing the course of their lives.

Books are also known to have a great influence on others. “Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.” Francis Bacon.  It is interesting to read the words of one who lived long ago and realize he referred to the very thing we are doing at this moment.

During the time Bacon lived, they did not have television, radio, or telephones; communicating with others had to be face to face, or through their written words. The masses were not fortunate enough to be able to read, nor did many have their own books. Nevertheless, this principle still stands true today. “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” Francis Bacon  (1561-1626)


Nov 15

Living life to the fullest?


Seeing this little girl run up to a little boy, unknown to her, and suddenly be willing to share a part of her happiness, her little Binky was a precious sight to behold. There are many surprises and awesome moments we may experience in life each day. But what happens when we find ourselves in a place where we seem to be in a funk?

What do we do when we don’t want to do anything, yet we also don’t want to not be doing something? Although that sounds like a strange question, it is one we should look at honestly. When we find ourselves  walking around in a state of dissatisfaction it can actually lead to anger or frustration. We may not even recognize the source of agitation and become even more intense. Those around us can take the brunt of our negative energy, creating even a bigger challenge.

It is shown to true that when we take time to be grateful for that which we have, and be thankful for that which is around us, with a sense of gratitude our dissatisfaction gives way to satisfaction, and anger and frustration gives way to peace and happiness.

Looking at this great quote, “May you live all the days of your life”, written by Jonathan Swift, I realize how important it is to think about this simple truth. We can get so caught up in fear, anger, resentment and regret we are robbed of many precious moments. May we be determine not to take for granted each breath and heart beat we have been given, for they are a gift to be enjoyed. Let us remember they are not unlimited.

Here are precious words to pray for those who may believe, “Lord, teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.” For there are days when it seems as if nothing gets accomplished, or turns out the way we hoped it would. Somehow the morning sunrise quickly turned into the evening sunset without any big fan fare. Once we receive wisdom, no matter what the day may bring, we will be able to help others as well as ourselves sharing truth and life together, just as the little girl above.

What does it all mean? Time continues to pass no matter how we choose to spend it. As Robert Frost stated when talking about a lesson he learned that he could say in just three words, “Life goes on.” As we follow our passion, complete our mission, or quietly be still and do nothing, let us do it with purpose and gratitude. ‘May we live all the days of our lives’ and celebrate each one as the gift it truly is.

Nov 13

Time passed


Everything Changes In Time

What happened in the past is exactly there, in the past. Why would we try to go back and dig it up, change it, (which we all know is impossible) or continue to regret it? Time stands still for no man, nor does it go backward. It is a gift that we have to enjoy if we choose to do so.

“You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone on into your mind. You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.”                                  Zig Ziglar

Each new morning we have an opportunity to make new choices in regard how we will view the day. Knowing not all circumstances are pleasant, we are still in control of how we look at things and what we will ultimately do. It is a great exercise to practice being in the present, not rushing forward in our minds thinking about what we may need to do later, or looking back wishing we would have, or could have done something different.

It is a good day to celebrate being who you are!

Nov 11

Is Your Life Un-examined?

fall 07 256As this rock appears to be looking up, I too am seeking new directions!

While reading a syllabus for psychology class I found this interesting quote. Although many may argue it has merit; it was written long ago, yet relevant today. “The unexamined life is not worth living?  Socrates

As time passes we may all need to examine our motives, decisions, choices and even our thoughts. Why do we continue to do things in our lives that may take us in a direction we really do not want to go?

Speaking to a male nurse in the emergency room recently, I realized what a calming present he brought in the midst of chaos, pain and fear. As we spent a few moments together I was able to ask him how long he had been an RN. He stated, “Not that long, only about ten years; this was my fourth career change. His first was in the military, then another occupation where there was down sizing taking place, the next job had the same sad ending. He decided to go into nursing thinking is would be a more secure job. It surprised me to hear his story because he did his job so well. I was thankful for his kindness and his expertise in this life and death situation.

He is a living example of one who took time to examine what was happening in his life. He knew he had  choices he would have to insure his ability to live the life style he desired. Although we may have always been… or always done…. does not necessarily mean we always will or have to always. fill in the blanks.

We must realize there really is a time in our lives where we can’t do what we used to do with grace and ease. We have changed. This may be a good time to examine what is going on in our lives. It is difficult to look at possible changes in our relationships, careers, locations, finances, status and many other scenarios, yet it is necessary and fruitful.

Shall we agree with Socrates? It sounds somewhat harsh, yet how many will truly stop and honestly look at ourselves? How is our energy being spent? Are we willing to ask hard questions to turn things around or do we keep heading in the wrong direction?  To be or not to be ‘examined’ is the question of the day.


Nov 09

Digging Out Again


Other people and things can stop you temporarily, Your the only one who can do it permanently.   Zig Ziglar

On a mission to recycle the warmth with others in the community, it was time to dig out those items that were being held on to just in case….. they were needed, a loved one wanted them later, or perhaps they could be sold and make some money, or for posterity sake!

When we want to clean our environment, we may start out on the surface taking obvious things away we no longer desire. As time goes by we may notice we still need a more simplified environment. It is at those moments we will need to dig deeper and commit to letting go of things that could have emotional attachments to them. As simple as used clothing or a familiar book that we read that once brought us pleasure, now can be shared for others to enjoy, It is a good thing to pass it on.

What is stopping us from de-cluttering our mind or our environment? We can blame others, and yes they may be involved, but ultimately we are the only ones that can stop ourselves permanently. It is helpful to get together with others who have the same goals and become cheer leaders as we celebrate each small and large success.

Nov 07

If You Don’t Like Yourself You Can Change

beach 07 508

“Even rocks will slowly change over time”

If you don’t like who you are and where you are, don’t worry about it because you are not stuck either with who you are or where you are. You can grow, you can change. You can be more than you are. “Zig Ziglar”

There are times we may feel like we can not go forward, not can we stand still because of the fact things are always in changing. Circumstances, thoughts, emotions, seasons in life, external and internal changes take place continuously.

We might forget the fact we are changing in ‘every’ realm. Physically we change within and without. Mentally we are increasing and decreasing out brain power with our actions, choices and life styles. In addition we have many emotions that are in one state and or another as we contemplate the issues of life.

It is good to remind ourselves of this truth, “We are not stuck!”  We really can grow and we really do change. As we accept the fact that we are responsible, as well as empowered, to change the things we do not like in life, we will understand who we are at a deeper level.